The Breakdown A Woman’s Perspective
The dating advice call-in show!!
Extremism is what’s keeping black people apart. |Trey Songs |Larsa Pippen| Shanquella Robinson
Are Black Women the reason that Black Men haven’t acquired the power that other groups have?
Why the manosphere uses ”pick-mes” as attack dogs!
Black women are competing for men that don’t want them! | Why the S.T.A.B. movement won’t work.
Black women only support black men when it’s convenient!!
Women aged 18-25 should NOT get married.  Here’s why.
What lessons black women learn from white women???
Why black men have their capes on for @JustPearlyThings
Only a SIMP would get married under today’s laws!! Ft. @Mr. Goodbread and HVH Network Radio
Will the REAL chameleon please stand up?? @JustPearlyThings @SexyRedTV
Why the majority of the ”Pickmesphere” are unmarried
The Chameleon Crisis: What happens when you don’t agree with red-pill talking points
Why black women shouldn’t engage in conversations about the community.
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